G3 Plus

G3 Plus
Anti-Glare Face & Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal

         G3 Plus is the ZKTeco first “Anti- Glare Facial Recognition” biometric terminal, with the ultimate 168 IR sensors and the latest infrared illumination technology, G3 plus is able to process precise facial recognition under strong sunlight (up to 60,000 Lux). Along with the hardware update, the G3 plus also comes with the ZKTeco latest deep learning facial recognition algorithm, which offers a whole new user experience, even users with glasses, hat or other accessories, the G3 plus still offers a smooth recognition experience.


  • Latest Facial 9.0 algorithm
  • Revolutionary SilkID Fingerprint Sensor
  • Multiple Verifcation Modes: Face / Fingerprint / Card / Password
  • Multiple Communication Modes, Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, 3G, USB host
  • Face Identifcation Operating under Strong Sunlight and Dark environment (0~60,000 lux. Illuminance)
  • Outstanding Performance With Dry, Wet and Rough Fingers
  • Build-in PoE



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